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Frequently Asked Question at Datalizards.com

About Data Lizard v2.4

About Data Feed Converter v2.3



Can I get the timely notification when competitors change their prices?

Data Lizard v2.4 supports real-time monitoring of your competitive prices and find out the lowest price from the monitoring websites. Moreover, our users can timely evaluate the business impacts based on various reports generated by Data Lizard v2.4.

Do I need any professional knowledge to use the Data Lizard v2.4?

No, our software is simple to setup and use, and user interfaces of Data Lizard v2.4 are very friendly, so our users don’t need any professional knowledge.

Can I track the historical records of competitive price changes?

Yes, the diagrammatic reports of Data Lizard v2.4 contain price trends.

Can I monitor any competitor that I designated?

Yes, Data Lizard v2.4 provides two customized services (website monitoring managers and monitoring plugins) for users to monitor any competitor on any web-based data source.

For Whom the Data Lizard v2.4 is developed?

Data Lizard v2.4 can real-time monitor all competitive information from any commercial website. If you want to timely and precisely acquire commercial information of your competitors, Data Lizard v2.4 will be your first choice. Moreover, Data Lizard v2.4 can intelligently help you to do various business analyses and data statistics.

Will my competitors find out that I am using the Data Lizard v2.4?

No. We only collect the competitive information and do comparisons for you, and will not reveal any customers’ information. Even your competitors find out they are being watched, they won’t be able to know you.

Is my commercial data safe to use the Data Lizard v2.4?

Yes, all the commercial data of my customers is stored and managed on customers’ local machines. To use Data Lizard v2.4, users do not need to submit any commercial data to any public server on the web. If users want us to develop plugins for precisely monitoring some designated websites, they only need to provide the webpage URLs and specify what data that they want to extract and monitor.

How often the Data Lizard v2.4 starts to extract and monitor data from target monitoring websites automatically?

It depends on your settings for the time interval between two automated data extraction tasks, from every three days to every one day.

What data feed specifications the Data Feed Converter v2.3 support?

Currently, Data Feed Converter v2.3 supports more than 10 kinds of data feed specifications specified by various shopping platforms, and we also keep on constantly adding more…

Whether data holding in feeds will be changed after converting?

Data Feed Converter v2.3 can help you to convert file types or data (product) feed specifications of your data feed files with preserving all content structures and data values to ensure the validity and consistency of all conversions.

Who are target users of Data Feed Converter v2.3?

If you need to submit a large amount of product data to various shopping platforms, Data Feed Converter v2.3 can help you to intelligently convert your massive data feeds quickly and easily.

Is there any limitation on the number of product data items in the data(product) feed files?

No limitation.

What can I do if the imported data (product) feed file contains errors?

You need to modify it according to our sample files at here.